I am currently a graphic designer at Unisa. I would like to talk and share on the topics art, graphic design, online learning, open and distance learning and free learning.
Although I love my job and do this to enrich myself also for my work, the views and ideas I share on this blog are in my personal capacity.

In my career of 20+ years I had to adapt to design with many different technologies for different media. I started in the mid 1980’s at Christo Holloway Creations, then in Cape Town, South Africa, making props for television advertisements. We worked with resin, metal, cloth and wood. We had to execute the ideas of our clients who were advertising companies in Johannesburg and Cape Town. My favourite job was to make beacon sparklets resin sweets. I had to learn to work on a lathe to shape the basic form of the sweet in copper and then file it to the final form and polish it. The copper sweet was the prototype for making molds to pour resin in.

Christo moved his business to the US and I found work at Janice Ashby Design Partnership in Cape Town as a junior designer. I learned how to render serif and san serif type by hand. We also  rendered designs and made type with a system called chromatech using text supplied by photo typesetters. During that period, IBM reps made presentations of graphic design software. The resolution was bad, edges were rough and printers quality output bad. The handsystem were neater, crisper and more colourful.

My first encounter with designing on a computer was when I worked for the medical faculty of the University of Stellenbosch, making medical illustrations and presentations. 40 megabytes were huge and wonderful, the floppy incredible and many different typefaces and colours not thinkable. Output was for educational TV and presentations.

At Unisa I moved through the different stages of design technologies, designing exhibitions, presentations, logos and identities, study packages, advertisements, books and journals and illustrations. Social media, the web, android technology, the cloud etc. created more opportunities for teaching methods and ways to learn; it is now time for me to design for their output. It is a new learning curve.

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