Following the eMOOC #OCL4Ed is a motivator to blog regularly. I do have challenges; I get side-tracked by all the wonderful pages and links during searching for content and topics. To focus, write and replying regularly is a commitment I have to make.

To create a personal learning environment (PLE) is not difficult but a network (PLN) involves spending more time, commitment and a willingness to engage and share with the network of people one build.

Another learning experience for me is to use the social platforms that I chose completely. For instance to curate properly and use curating tools, to use tags and annotations. Word press is not only a blog and web platform, it is also a content managing system, but I did not use all its features. Others curating platforms are diigo and A feature I like, that all of them make available, is a button to place on your bookmark bar to curate and share a webpage immediately. I have used diigo before and may want to stick to manage content there.

Graphic Design HEdI created a group in diigo Graphic Design HEd. ( The aim was to find other graphic designers in higher education institutions and share relevant content. The group membership currently consist of colleagues from my own institution. To grow it I will have to publish the link with invitations on twitter and Google+

The page has many links to good tips on how to use twitter effectively. To auto-feed a blog to a twitter account and to show tweets on your blog helps to get noticed or spread your ideas. An example is the twitter page of @CarrieWilkerson. She has an auto-feed page @barefoot_exec. is very simple to use. I get links from almost every day on topics that interest me. What I have not done effectively is to re-scoop and to link the scoops to my twitter page @viljoenella.

The following blog has a lot more detail:


1 thought on “PLE #OCL4Ed

  1. Hi, glad that the course is motivating you to post on your blog again 🙂 . Don’t forget to add the OCL4Ed tag to your post so we can harvest for the feed. See the FAQs on the course site for more info.

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